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H & R Series Mattress
H & R Series Mattress H & R Series Mattress H & R Series Mattress

Sleep Easy with Healthy and Relaxing Sleep! Health and Relax Pocket Spring Mattress is a deluxe mattress range designed to let you sleep well and easy. Featuring a combination of advanced mattress technologies and top-quality materials, this mattress delivers quality sleep night after night.

Durable mattress support This mattress is supported by a five-zoned pocket spring system. Made with tempered steel, the pocket springs forming this bed provides durable and long-lasting support for many years. The pocket springs allows for motion absorption and reduction, thus minimising partner disturbance. Five-zoned pocket springs means the mattress is divided into five zones that provides targetted support for your head, shoulders, torso, lower back and legs. You get the right amount of support for each part of your body whilst sleeping.

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Sleepeezee body care ensemble

It's gently firm rated pillow top gives a supportive yet comfortable feel.The Bonnell spring system was developed to ensure maximum conformance and durability.

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10 year Manufacturer Warranty*

Our beds have up to 5 & 10 years Manufacturer Warranty. Refer to product page for more information.

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