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Bambi Sleepwise Thermoregulation Pillow Protector

Bambi SleepWISE® Thermoregulation Pillow Protector

Nothing is worse than a hot or plasticky like pillow protector. The SleepWISE® thermoregulation pillow protector contains natural Tencel to ensure that you get a smooth, quiet sleep surface that regulates your head's heat for a comfortable, temperature neutral night’s sleep.

What is SleepWISE® thermoregulation technology?

SleepWISE® thermoregulation fibre is a natural botanic cellulosic fibre which is derived from lyocell and natural paraffin oil, this material is reinforced by polyester to retain loft and increase durability.

This revolutionary natural product adjusts to the skins comfort temperature to ensure you have a more temperature neutral sleep. The technology used in the SleepWISE® thermoregulation pillow protector creates a micro heat accumulator which acts as a temperature buffer between warm and cool.

This proudly Australian made product is backed by a massive 10-year product guarantee, it is also Asthma and Allergy friendly and machine washable.

If you want your pillow protector to do more then just protect, look no further than the SleepWISE® thermoregulation pillow protector. Buy online now for quick deliver!

About Bambi

For more than 30 years, people Australia-wide have indulged in the quality and comfort of quilts, pillows, and mattress protectors from Bambi, a family-owned company and a proud member of Australia Made. More than 50% of Bambi products are made in Australia, and every piece features the quality and innovative craftsmanship consumers have come to expect.

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