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Bambi Memory Foam Pillow


Bambi Memory Foam Pillow
Bambi Memory Foam Pillow Bambi Memory Foam Pillow Bambi Memory Foam Pillow

Bambi Symmetry Memory Foam Firm Pillow

The Bambi Symmetry Memory Foam Pillows are made out of high-quality shape retaining memory foam to provide great support and pressure relief for many years to come.

Cooltouch Flip Cover

If you struggle with heat throughout the night then the Bambi Symmetry Memory Foam Pillow has got you covered. This pillow features the Cooltouch Flip cover which will give you the choice of the luxurious silk-like Tencel on one side or the Cooltouch Active material on the other side giving you a cooling relief on warmer nights.


Botanic Tencel Blend Fibre Cover

Cooltouch Flip Cover to ensure year-round comfort

5 Year Product Guarantee

Firmness: Comes in three feels – Firm, Medium or Soft.

Shape: Traditional

Ideal for: Back and Tummy Sleepers.

Cover: Side 1: Tencel / Side 2: Cooltouch Active Tencel Blend

Care: Avoid direct sunlight; sponge clean foam; cover is machine washable and tumble dry (low heat). We always recommend you use a quality pillow protector.

These memory foam pillows come with a flip cover. Contact cooling on one side and Tencel blend on the other. This makes this pillow suitable all year round. All three profiles, soft, medium and firm are the same height at 14cm, creating an aesthetic look on the bed. Made with high quality shape retaining memory foam that gives comfort, head and neck support.